Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sticking To Those New Year's Goals

It seems to be a positive yet common approach to the New Year that everyone approaches the new year as a chance to improve on certain aspects in their life, open a new book to a fresh page, and work their way to being a ‘better you’. The feelings of excitement, determination, and ambition are undeniably floating around in the air.

As good as one’s intentions might be once we settle into the regular, non-holiday routine our New Year’s goals and resolutions seem to fall to the waste side. I know for me personally, I start out the year with all of these ambitious and can do New Year’s Goals, but in all honesty I think the biggest enemy of not completing those goals is time. But sometimes you just have to prioritize and maybe not spend so much time on one thing so you can fit a new thing in. In the hopes of helping you stick to if not all than most of your New Year’s Goals/Resolutions I though I would share a few tips with you that I have come across to help you accomplish those Resolutions!

1.      Identify your most realistic resolutions// Some of us {me included} can get a little carried away with our New Year’s Resolutions. Think long-term and break these resolutions down into chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed.
2.    Make a List// Once you have identify your most realistic resolutions write them down
3.    Focus on once resolution at a time// It can be a little daunting to fit all these new goals into your daily/weekly schedule. Instead of trying to fit 5+ new things into your week slowly work each one at a time. With New Year’s Goals – you have to remember, it’s not a race, it’s a marathon, and at the end of the day you should find enjoyment in accomplish these goals versus feeling stressed by them.
4.    Don’t be too hard on your self// When trying to achieve a new goal, master a new skill, etc. set backs are to be expected. Don’t be too hard on yourself – everyone has ups and downs.
5.    Talk about your goals// Don’t be afraid to talk about your goals – your family and friends will always be there to support you and offer a listening ear

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