Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hitting The Reset Button

Some days after working, emails, running errands, working out at some point {sometimes…}, and other obligation I feel like I have complete hit the wall at the end of the day and just need a chance to recharge. Too bad there isn’t such a thing as a human charger and like your phone you could be good to go in an hour, but I will use an excuse to treat myself to a little pampering – after all, there is a silver lining to everything. Here are a few ways to help unwind and reboot yourself so you can be at your best the next day.
Take a Hot Shower// In my honest opinion hot showers and sleep are like magic, they really do make all the difference.

Take an hour or two break from technology// Being connected all the time is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Some times it is refreshing to turn your phone off when you get home. I have found that it helps me to unwind better when I don’t feel the constant need to check your social media every 20 minutes or answer texts and emails ASAP, and turning my phone off definitely eliminates that habit.

Treat yourself to a facemask or after shower beauty routine// I will say I am not sure if face masks and other facial products actually help to prevent aging, maybe I’m not old enough to be able to tell a difference yet, but there is something relaxing about the process

Watch your favorite movie// What better way to escape from a long day than to retreat into a favorite and get completely lost in the story line.

Read a book// Reading a book is also another great way to get your mind on a different track and unwind from the day

Go to Bed Early// A good nights sleep makes all the difference

What do you do to hit the rest button?


  1. Once a week a take a night to do a face mask, hair mask, and green smoothie while watching one of my fav shows. It always feels so luxurious!