Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break Packing Essentials

Warmer days are slowly making their descent across the states; flowers are in bloom, the days are longer, and vacation season is under way. I have always felt like Spring Break is the official kick off to beach vacation season. Whether you are in school or not everyone is ready to shake that winter dust off, sport some beautifully colored clothes, and feel the sand between their toes. Peter Minkoff has written a wonder for article sharing some spring break packing essentials.
The favorite time of the year is here; spring break is what we have been craving forever since winter holidays! So, before going out there, what is it that you need to have with you? Have you already made a list? You should avoid last-minute packing as you are bound to forget something. Have a list ready and you will be on the safe side.

Where are you going to pack all the stuff?
Let’s go suitcase shopping! You will need a colorful vibrant one with spring motives to feel you spring-ready and motivated to have a blast. Springtime travel needs to be stylish too! So, pick up a not so large one, but bear in mind that you will need to pack all the essential stuff there. No, a half of your wardrobe is not considered essential. Prioritize, girl!

Protect the eyes stylishly
You will need to look great even at the airport. This year aviators are massive so go for the perfect staple that will match your plane outfit, lying by the pool bikini and late afternoons out there on a beach.

Wedges, please
So, you are aware how heels look flattering on your body, but you are not totally proficient walking in them? Go for wedges, there is so much hype over them this season and the possibilities are endless. You can easily go from the daily outfit to crazy nights out. Once you feel how comfortable and stylish those are you will ditch any other kind of footwear.

Breaks are all about bikinis so pick the perfect one for your figure! You are lucky because latest women swimwear was never more body-flattering and curve-loving than this year. The choice is endless, and it is all about adaptability. Pick a neutral color bottom and then match it with vibrant top that has enhanced support. We are loving the new swimwear trend!

A half-moon bag
The spring of 2016 is all about the half-moon bags! Those are so convenient and easy to wear on your shoulders and the fact that they come in a large size them makes them great for the spring break. You can pack anything may need in those and if you are considering going shopping while on a holiday there is no better place to put your purchases and carry them without stumbling into everyone in the street with your hands full. Go for brown ones that can be easily combined with many outfits. With a bag like this you can forget about wearing tons of purses and clutches. This garment is perfectly worn both during the day and the night.

Basics are a must
Pack your suitcase with nude shorts and plain white t-shirts you can combine with statement jewelry, versatile scarves and hats. The basics are an excellent canvas for expressing your creativity with every small detail you can imagine. With a latest bag on your shoulder, brown wedges, a nude shorts and white t-shirt you are bound to be the star of this spring break.
Let’s not forget about the entertainment
Pack your headphones and download your favorite tunes onto your IPhone and let your spirit unwind by the pool. If you are looking for a bit of more relaxing, go for books that have gripping plots and that are bound to make you laugh. Avoid the tear-jerking ones; we do not want you to spend the break sobbing in a picturesque resort.

Our favorite part of the year is coming near so be sure to have everything you need ready and just pack it couple of days before the big day. Do not postpone it as you are bound to forget something. Pay attention to the latest trends: half-moon bag, aviators, a good book, basic clothes and vibrant swimsuit is what you need in your stylish new suitcase!


  1. Such great must haves!

    XO, Jessi

    1. Peter always comes up with such great posts!

  2. A cute pair of wedges is definitely an essential.

    Dakota D.