Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Skirt The Rules

Recently I have been cleaning out my closet and trying to update my wardrobe a little to where things are a little bit more “mature” but still fun. One big thing I have noticed is that for the most part all of my summer skirts are a tad bit too short…the woes of growing up.

Even though I am in a situation where I am painted into a corner of investing in a few new skirts that are a bit more tasteful, I have to admit I kind of like the effect longer skirts have. They seem to elongate the body and are over all more flattering. Don’t get me wrong I think short skirts are very cute and you should definitely wear them while you can, but there is a silver lining to everything!


  1. Great post! very lovely skirt!


  2. Very clever and such great style!

    Dakota D.

  3. Happy to see you enjoyed this read!