Monday, April 11, 2016

How To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

At the end of February I made a commitment to give up cut back on the amount of Coca-Cola I have been drinking. Not goanna lie the first two weeks were not easy…I was suffering from sugar withdrawal and had a slight headache for the first week. Needless to say it was not easy cutting back on such a refreshing drink that I would sometimes use as coffee in the morning (no shame) everyone needs a little pep in their step.

I may have suffered from a little withdrawal, but I have managed to cut down to one or two cokes a week…it was not easy, but I can tell such a difference. Unfortunately I have started to substitute other sweets since I have given up coke, and I am now working on cutting back on sweets…

Here are a few tips to curb your sweet tooth that will hopefully lead to a healthier way of living!

Eat Breakfast: I am so guilty of skipping breakfast sometimes; it is always so tempting to sleeping in a few extra minutes and take an extra long shower.  When you eat breakfast you prevent a drop in blood sugar, which in turn prevents you from craving sugar later in the day.

Fruit Is Your Friend: Berries, bananas, and other fruits contain natural sugar along with antioxidants and fiber.

Give In A Little: This is definitely a tip I can get behind. Eat a small amount of what you’re craving such as a small cookie or a fun-size piece of candy. The key to this tip is to stick to a 150 calories or less.

Eat Regularly: Eating regular is another tip I do not follow well – I have been known to regularly skip lunch. You are more prone to reach for something sugary/fatty when you wait too long to eat. Eating every 5 hours helps keep your blood sugar stable and helps you to make better eating choices.

Drink Chocolate Milk: chocolate milk has a hint of sweetness while at the same time provides a couple health benefits and is a great recovery drink to have after working out

Healthy Sweets: If you must fully give in to the sweet tooth choose a healthier sweet such as dark chocolate, sorbet, nutella, or cereal and milk


  1. My daughter and I are trying to give up sugar and processed stuff but its soo hard!!
    I will give her your tips to help! xo Karolyn

    1. Giving up sugar is definitely a challenge!

  2. Fruit is a great GREAT friend! LOL

    Dakota D.

    1. It really does do the trick to cure a sweet tooth!

  3. Happy to see you enjoyed this read!