Monday, July 29, 2013

Do's & Don'ts of Packing For Your Next Vacation

Every time I go on Vacation with my family they are always telling me that I over pack…I always try to argue that you never know what you’re going to need {or more accurately, I never know what I feel like wearing till the of}. In my defense for a week trip I always manage to pack everything in a carry-on. Although…I don’t really count a purse(s) as a carry on {even if they do contain clothes, make-up, etc., I mean…it’s still a purse, a necessity}. For my last vacation I went on I managed to pack everything in my Kate Spade handbag, my large Longchamp tote {both of which I consider to be purses} and my medium size Vera Bradley Duffel…incase you couldn’t tell I really don’t like baggage claim. Although I would never admit it to my family, I wore maybe half of what I packed. So for my next vacation to avoid the extra bulk I have done some research on the do’s & don’ts of packing. Hopefully after reading this y’all will be able to pack like a pro, and hopefully the same goes for me! Here are the do’s & don’ts of packing:
Lay out your clothes in advance before you pack them. Don’t pack anything you wouldn’t normally wear or things that aren’t appropriate for the vacation. Pack things that will be essential to your trip, and make sure the clothes you pack are clothes that you feel confident in! Making a list also helps; once you make the list follow it without exception.

Interesting fact: Roll you clothes instead of folding them. This approach supposedly frees up space in your suitcase and minimizes wrinkles.

Wear your heavier clothes, like jeans, boots, etc. on the plane in order to avoid those items taking up room in your suitcase.

Pull a Kate Middleton and recycle outfits. Mix and match different tops with a pair of pants to create a new outfit. You can also take a dress, pair it with some elegant earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cute sandals or wedges, etc. and wear for a night on the town; then a few days later give it a more casual look or use it as a beach cover-up for a few days!

Don’t under pack if you are going out of town for a wedding or special event. If you have dinner planned a few nights in a row take an extra dress, just to be on the safe side and leave a pair of pants behind.

Don’t forget the essentials like toiletries, jewelry, sunglasses, and so on. List come in very handy to ensure that you don’t leave any of the essentials behind! 

“Travel Is About The Gorgeous Feeling of Teetering In The Unknown”

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