Sunday, April 19, 2015

Keep Calm Lilly Is At Target

Keep Clam, Shop On, Lilly Is Finally At Target! On Saturday night did anyone else experience that magical, exciting feeling that you used to feel about Santa Clause coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve over the Lilly Pulitzer for Target finally being released Sunday? I own up to the fact that I was pretty excited Sunday night before I went to bed – can’t wait to shop the Lilly at Target in person!

Today is not the day to stop at Starbucks for your usual morning beverage! Venti drink or a Lilly shift for $38…hummm...well Alex, I think I’ll take Lilly Shift Dress for $38 – what do you have to say about that Trebek! If you have not already devised a shopping strategy here are a few tip courtesy of InStyle {click here to view}.

In the image above are my top 10 Lilly for Target Picks!
1.               ShiftDress – Fan Dance
2.             ShiftDress – Upstream
3.             ShiftDress – See Ya Later
4.             ChallisPompom Shorts Upstream
5.             GoldSandals – Pineapple
6.             GoldPlated Wine Topper With Corkscrew
7.              GardenStool
8.             PorcelainDessert Plates
9.             Espadrilles– Upstream
10.           CeramicMugs with Gold Caddy


  1. Your Blog is so beautiful <3
    xoxo Ally von ♥

  2. So lovely dear! Thanks for sharing and have an amazing new week!

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  3. Beautiful! Great Selection :)


  4. Can't wait to see what you picked out. Everything was sold out in my Target (boo hiss) but I hope you got something good!

    1. I didn't get to target till 10:00 and everything Lilly was gone! I heard it was crazy there this morning...

  5. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Happy to hear you enjoyed this post!

  6. LOVE your posts dear so fun and full of life:) I hope you had a great weekend

    Check out my new post, cute Swedish summer houses :)

    Have a FAB week dear

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

    1. Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well and a great week ahead of you!