Monday, April 27, 2015

The Pineapple Express

For some reason this year I have really been gravitating to basically any item with a pineapple print. When I was younger, as awful as it sounds, I used to always associate pineapple décor/prints and any other print of décor that contained a fruit item {lemons, oranges, etc.} with “older” people. However, I have grown to appreciate summer fruit prints and décor.

Last year it seemed that lemon prints were the it fruit print. Remember all of the Kate Spade lemon print dresses, shoes, handbag, etc. from last year? It was such a cute collection! This year I am going to predict that a classic pineapple print will be the popular choice for this coming summer. I have to confess, I am currently a little obsessed with the Pine Lace Dress from Anthropologie… a lace dress containing a pineapple print, I believe this dress has my name written all over it!

From glasses to wallpaper to clothing here are a few of my favorite pineapple items!
1.               MaddenSleeveless V-Neck Dress
3.             TheSimplified Planner
4.             MiraTop
5.             MiraBottom
6.             Pineapple(Sorbet) Wallpaper
7.              PineappleiPhone Case
8.             PineappleThank You Cards
9.             PineLace Dress


  1. That phone case is super cute. I'm all for funky prints during the summer when everything is more laid back and fun!

    1. Love how the summer time is more go with the flow :)

  2. Hola, si me gusta este estampado, creo aporta frescura.

    1. A pineapple print really does have a fresh feel about it!

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! Happy to see you enjoyed this post :)