Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quiet Mind = Peaceful Sleep

For the past few months I haven’t been sleeping entirely well – going to bed late, waking up early. Needless to say once the lack of sleep finally caught up with I felt like I hit a wall; everything was overwhelming and even the smallest of task seemed daunting. Sleep unquestionably makes a difference.

As I have mentioned a few times before I usually lay off of working out from about November – February, because of the holiday season and then the overflow at the gym right after the holidays. Usually I only backslide on working out around the holidays, but this time I feel back into a few bad habits: staying up too late, looking at my computer and telephone right before I went to bed, drinking too much coke, eating too much sugar {but hey, it was the holiday season…right?}, along with a few other things.

Around mid March I started working out again, cut back on my coke consumption and sugar {after all that working out who wants to let that work go to waste}, I also started go to bed earlier, and reading before bed instead of looking at my computer or phone. Luckily started up one good habit again had a chain reaction and the other healthier habits started to come back into play.

Working out made me feel more centered and level headed – it definitely plays a larger part then just getting yourself back in shape. Once I feel back into a healthier routine, I thankfully started sleeping better, and working out and reading instead of looking at my computer or phone before I went to bed definitely played a large part!

Do you have any tips for getting a better night’s sleep? What are some of your tricks?


  1. I try and put my phone away an hour before I go to bed, it's hard but looking at a screen keeps me awake. Also getting fresh air, I always sleep better when I get fresh air before I go to bed.

    1. I agree looking at my phone or computer before I go to bed keeps me awake as well.

  2. I have to read & write a little before I go to bed. It helps me de-stress from the day and let go of all my thoughts that otherwise would of kept my mind racing throughout the night.


    1. I definitely write when I have something on my mind - it always helps me to sort things out and just get what is bothering me out of my system.