Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bar Cart Styling

In the South we love our Mint Juleps, Jack Daniels, Sweet Ice Tea with a little kick, Bourbon, and Gin, along with some other timeless classics. What better way to display some beautiful glassware, artfully decorated bottles, and mix drinks on then a bar cart. Bar carts have become more and more popular over the past few years and seem to be on their way to becoming a furniture staple. I love the vintage feel of the bar cart and the extra pop of character they can add to a room. So whether you are thinking about buying a bar cart or are still trying to figure out a few ways to style the one you already have…here are a few style tips I have come across. 
When styling your bar cart be careful to remember to stay true to your own style, and create something you absolutely love! Mix in personal items that represent your style; let the your bar cart tell the story of you
Color, texture, and patterns are important when styling your bar cart. Custom cocktail napkins and coasters are a great way to add a personal touch 
Show off your favorite glassware and dishes, pick bottles that will look fabulous to display {even if they don’t contain your favorite liquor}, and of course beautiful, fresh flowers in an elegant vase are the perfect touch to just about anything
A stylish bar cart should look to-die-for fabulous yet functional; be sure to add items in moderation. Having a few of the same bottles will keep the bar looking welcoming and not overly cluttered
{Above Bar Cart Essentials List found on Fashion Meets Food}

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