Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Although the Chubbies Shorts company was started and is based in California, Chubbies have certainly taken the south by storm! This summer I have noticed an impressive amount of guys wearing Chubbies; when I was at the beach this year they were practically the only type of shorts I saw guys wearing. When you take into consideration that this is the South where the SEC rules and these shorts are pretty fratastic, it really is no surprise that they are so popular down here. When I was browsing the Chubbies website for the purpose of this post I was impressed to read that these shorts are made locally in the United States, more specifically the Bay Area In CA, and they go the extra mile and send their shorts to a wash-shop in CA to be stone washed to ensure softness. I love the different prints these shorts come in, I only wish they made Chubbies for women! Here are some of my favorite Chubbies Shorts. Click on the name of the shorts that is in bold print for the link. 

Chubbies Originals Winning Colors & The Dress Code

Chubbies Drawstings The Patriots & The Flowsidons

Chubbies Swim Trunks The Trunkelstiltskins & The 360 Tomahawk

“When you put on your Chubbies, you know it’s time to relax, crack open an ice cold beer, and have some fun.”

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