Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Quick Bite

If you ever find yourself in Seaside, FL and just happen to be hungry…I highly recommend trying one of the ever-tasty airstream restaurants. All the American classics are available in five airstreams that just happen to be lined up all together! You are bound to find something that strikes your fancy at one of these delightful little airstream restaurants; organic juice bar {not sure that’s really an American classic, but still delightful}, hot dogs, grilled chesses, BBQ, and good ole’ fashion snow cones, sure sounds like a good stop to me! My personal favorite is the grilled cheese airstream, after all who can resist a childhood classic and a trip down memory lane. If you are ever in the area and haven’t been to one of these tasty little stops, then you definitely need to put it one your to-do list!
Raw & Juicy Organic Juice Bar & Cafe
Wild Bill's Beach Dogs
The Melt Down on 30A {spectacular grilled cheeses}
Barefoot B-B-Q {best BBQ I have had in a long time!}
Frost Bites {needless to say this little place is tasty and refreshing} 


  1. Adorbs. I love food trucks and swear I will one day own an airstream.

    1. Those airstream restaurants are so delicious! Plus I love the look of them, they just give off a vintage feel!

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