Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Egg In A Basket

Egg In A Basket is one of my favorite breakfast items! I know…I know some of y’all are probably thinking what in the world is an egg in a basket. Well you are in luck today because I am going to tell you precisely what it is and how to make it! I promise, once you make one for yourself it will be a new breakfast favorite of yours as well. An Egg In A Basket is basically a fried egg cooked with a slice of bread. It is easy to make and tasty to eat!
Items needed:
1 egg
1 slice of bread
Biscuit cutter

Step 1: Turn the stove on medium heat
Step 2: Coat the surface of the skillet with a pad of butter
Step 3: Using a biscuit cutter cut out a whole in the center of the bread
Step 4: Once the butter is melted place the slice of bread with the hole cut out in the pan, and begin to toast the bread
Step 5: Once the bread has started to toast crack the egg so the yolk lands in the hole that has been cut out in the bread
Step 6: Once you crack the egg onto the bread let the egg fry up some
Step 7: When the edge of the toast looks a little crisp the egg and toast are ready to be flipped over. You flip them both over at the same time by simply sliding your spatula under the toast and then you just flip!
Step 8: Once you flip the bread and egg, you only cook them for a few more seconds, a minute at the very most
Step 9: Once the Egg In A Basket is finished cooking simply turn the stove off and flip the Egg In A Basket over from the pan to a plate
Step 10: Add a little salt and pepper for the finishing touch
Step 11: Eat and enjoy your Southern meal of Egg In A Basket! 


  1. Oh gosh these are my favorites! My step mom always made them when we were growing up and I still love them today!

    Great blog!


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