Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Paris Apartment

 I have read two other Lucy Foley books, ‘The Guest List’ and ‘The Hunting Party’, and I must confess, I was not a big fan of either of these books. When Foley’s most recent book, ‘The Paris Apartment’ came out I was pretty hesitant to read it, and wasn’t really planning to, but I kept seeing ‘The Paris Apartment’ pop up on social media, so I eventually gave in and bought a copy… I am pleasantly surprised to say that I actually enjoyed this book much better than ‘The Guest List’ and ‘The Hunting Party’. 

After losing her job, ‘Jess’ goes to Paris to stay with her half-brother, Ben, for a little while, but things take an odd and unexpected turn once Jess arrives in Paris. When Jess arrives at Ben’s apartment she discovers that Ben isn’t home and believes he might be missing due to some of the personal items he left behind in his apartment.


The longer Ben is missing the deeper Jess digs into her brother’s situation, leading her to have more questions, and at times causing her to feel confused. All of Ben’s neighbors seem to know some Jess doesn’t, and each has a secret of their own, only adding more to the mystery and confusion. 


Would definitely recommend this book; The Paris Apartment would make for a great beach read! Even though I like this book more than Foley’s other two books I have read, I will say that if you really weren’t a fan of ‘The Guest List’ or ‘The Hunting Party’, I would not recommend this book for you… Otherwise, if you have not read a Foley book before or are a fan of hers, I would totally recommend this one! 

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