Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate

 This year I have been making an effort to embrace healthier habits and to have a better year than the past two years, all the way around. On my quest to lead a healthier lifestyle this year I found out that dark chocolate has tons of health benefits. Needless to say I was thrilled by this discovery! 

The past two years have obviously been stressful on some level for everyone, in their own right. Who would have ever predicted the 2020s would have so many twist and turns? Regardless of the path one has walked/is walking I feel like the 2020s has affected everyone on a mental level, physical level, stress level, etc. at some point in time. I have really been making an effort to go to bed at a reasonable time, eat healthier, try to give up a few vices, drink more water, fill my mind with positive things {aka not watch the new every day of the week}, and just overall take better care of myself.


In my endeavor to have a healthier life I have added in a few pieces of Dove Dark Chocolate into my diet, for a few very good reasons… This also proves that wishes really do come true… chocolate is healthy to eat! We can all now indulge in our favorite dark chocolate treat with zero guilt, for a few very good reasons!

One// Great Source of Antioxidants

Dark chocolate actually has more antioxidants than most foods!


Two// May Help Reduce Heart Disease Risk

This one really resonates with me. Both of my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family had heart issues, and are the only two people in my family who have… So I am always about something that might be helpful in preventing heart disease 


Three// May Protect Your Skin From The Sun

This is another one that appeals to me. My skin is so fair; I am always that person at the pool or the beach who uses 70spf sunscreen, otherwise I will most definitely look like a lobster. 


Four// Might Improve Brain Function

I feel like there are days were we could all use a little help with brain function, especially if we are function on a small amount of sleep. 


Five// Dark Chocolate is Good For Your Skin

Dark Chocolate is full of copper, iron, magnesium, plus a few more very beneficial things that helps support the production of collagen!


Six// Dark Chocolate Is Always Delicious!

Let’s face facts, sometimes we just need to add a little sweetness to life!

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