Sunday, July 31, 2022

Links I'm Loving

 Is today really the last day of July? I feel like 2022 is moving right along. I am definitely going to savor the days of August and early September, but I am so ready for a nice fall breeze to sweep through my hair. For now, here are a few favorite links I have come across over this past week!

One// Sarah Flint New Arrivals

Earlier in the week Sarah Flint released four pair of shoes from their early fall collection and they are all completely swoon worthy. Personally, I have my eye on the Perfect Block Sandal 60! Use code: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID for $50 off a shoe of your choice!!


Two// Mare_Kell & Paris Hilton

Mary {or better know as {mare_kell on Instagram} is actually married to one of my old high school/lifeguard friends. I have only met her once or twice, but they are both so nice and creative/talented, and her Instagram account is so entertaining. If you’re having a bad day just look up @mare_kell on Instagram and you will be laughing in no time!


Three// Rifle Paper Co. x Summersalt

I have been in love with Rifle Paper Co. designs for year and I was so excited to learn that they teamed up with Summersalt for a collaboration. If you dreamy florals are your thing, you definitely need to checkout their new collection. Use code: LAURENJS10 for $10 towards your Summersalt purchase!


Four// Claire Saffitz Pigs In A Blanket

If you are a child of the 90s then pigs in a blanket probably holds a special place in your heart, and more than likely, you still love them! I think I will probably stick with the old school pigs in a blanket recipe {less time involved}, but I love the version Claire Saffitz came up with! This is definitely a next level version!


Five// Southern Living Tiny House

I’m not sure I could actually live in a tiny house, but I love seeing how people decorate them, the storage ideas they come up with, and how they make the most of their space. Southern Living has come up with some beautiful Tiny House inspiration!! 

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