Thursday, February 4, 2021

Bad Habits

 I love, love, love the anything and everything about the holiday season, however, there is one downside to that time of year… it is so easy to slip back in to old habits that aren’t necessarily that great for you. All of the holiday foods are so tempting, it’s so easy to rationalize indulging in your guilty pleasures, watch a little too much television, slip out of your exercise routine, and so on.  

For me personally, once I slip out of my normal routine and fall into a pattern of my old ‘bad habits’ it always seems to take a conscious effort to get back on the wagon… For February I plan to try and get back into my pre-holiday habits... So, to hold me accountable I thought I would share the habits I need to correct…

One// Go To Bed At A Reasonable Time

I can be somewhat of a night owl – going to bed at eleven or twelve is what I consider a reasonable bedtime for myself. I had a few things on my mind back in December and I feel like we live in a very anxiety inducing culture right now, and I would get caught up doing this and that and end up going to bed at 2am, which makes for such an unproductive day and just overall isn’t very healthy.


Two// Cut Back on Coke

For what ever reason Coca-Cola is comforting for me and it just goes really well with certain foods. I really try not to drink coke except for maybe once a week, becomes it becomes a slippery slop for me if I get in the habit of drinking it on a regular basis, and I honestly feel better when I don’t and I sleep better at night. 


Three// Eat Less Sweets

There are so many sweets and deserts associated with the holiday season, and I honestly think that sugar has addictive properties {not sure if that is true or not}. After awhile I feel like I start to crave chocolate and like sugar I don’t sleep as well when I eat sugar, so definitely cutting down on my sugar intake for the month of February.


Four// Workout on A Regular Basis

Every single Holiday season I always fall out of my workout routine. There are so many other things going on and my day always seems cut short, so my workout is usually one of the thing that gets cut. I actually really enjoy workout, but once you take on the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality, it becomes a hard cycle to break… There are so many other benefits to working out besides the obvious, and getting back on a regular workout schedule is at the top of my list!

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