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Guest Post :: 5 Easy Ways To Look A Decade Younger

 For me personally, I started paying attention to the aging process around 25 {I definitely had a quarter life crisis}. I got super into face cream, especially anti-aging ones, I’ve been an avid user of sunscreen my entire life, but started paying more attention to products that included spf in their creams and so on. For some reason more often than not women get caught up in the anti-aging skincare {which is important}, but there are other things that can make you look older such as hair style/length, how you dress, the colors you pair with your skin, makeup, etc. Today, Carrie is going to share five ways to look a decade younger!

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Aging is one of those truths of life many of us just don’t want to accept. That being said, a long life is a precious gift, and it’s something to be grateful for.

Embracing aging as a natural part of life is easy when you match your positive mindset with your appearance, and it all starts by applying some simple tricks that will keep you looking younger.

Shave years off your appearance by choosing the right hair color and style

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you when they first meet you. Given its important role in making a great first impression, minimizing the signs of aging should be your top priority.

Start by brightening or enriching your hair color to help it blend naturally with your gray hair. Don’t reach for dramatically darker hair colors than your natural hue. Doing so will only accentuate lines, wrinkles, and thinning hair even more while also being a dead giveaway that you’re coloring it. Don’t try to maintain your natural shade either – lightening is key to achieving a more youthful look. You can also rely on the length, style, and layering techniques to hide the signs of aging and appear younger. 

Create an illusion of a younger look with the help of makeup

Speaking of relying on colors and different styling techniques to combat the signs of aging, makeup is another useful tool to add to your anti-age arsenal. Thick brows, curly lashes, full lips, subtle rosy cheeks, and an even skin tone are all symbols of a youthful appearance. The best part? You can replicate them easily by using just several makeup products.

Create a blank slate by using color corrector, concealer, and a foundation on a previously moisturized skin. To add color, use a shimmery peach or pink blush paired with a creamy stick highlighter and powder illuminator. Rely on subtle pinks or neutrals to accentuate the lips you’ve previously overdrawn a bit, and wake up your eyes using light shades, soft shadowed liner, brow definer, and an eyelash curler.

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Rely on surgical procedures and treatments to maintain a youthful appearance

While makeup and hair coloring can be effective tools in the battle against the aging process, scheduling a surgical procedure can be a great way to maintain that youthful appearance for longer. If you’re looking to simplify your morning routine and fix any imperfections in an instant and achieve longer-lasting effects, there are treatments and procedures that can help you get there.

An eye and brow lift can fix the appearance of droopy eyelids and rejuvenate your look, while Botox helps reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. Something as simple as going for a lasik eye surgery procedure can reduce your dependence on glasses which are known to add five or more years to your age. Other simple procedures that can help you look a decade younger include lip, cheek, and forehead fillers, chin augmentation, skin tightening, and laser hair removal.

Freshen up your wardrobe to help dress up your age

Dressing up to look younger doesn’t necessarily mean borrowing things from your daughter’s closet, although there are some looks you can definitely steal! First, set the foundation by wearing the right undergarments. Then, stock up on form-fitting pieces that accentuate your best assets. It can be a fitted pencil skirt that cinches your waist and/or reveals gorgeous legs. Or, it can be a flattering blouse that shows off your shoulders or a stunning decolletage. Balance is key, so if you choose to show off one area, cover up all the others. Baggy clothes can add up to fifteen years, so it’s best to avoid them.

As for the accessories – pendants and jewelry will catch the eye, while a simple and elegant silk scarf will help camouflage neck wrinkles. Some other clothing tricks that can take years off your appearance include brightening up your wardrobe color palette, embracing patterns, adding bold and unexpected elements, and simply wearing jeans.

Look younger by stepping up your skincare game

Just like wardrobe, our skincare regimen should change with time. As we age, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and becomes paler and thinner, which is usually followed by uneven pigmentation. This is why it’s important to step up your skin care game on time and secure a healthy, youthful glow later on.

We all know that wearing sunscreen with high SPF and keeping your skin moisturized are key components of a healthy, radiant complexion. However, you should also add a couple of other anti-aging ingredients to your usual skincare routine. These include retinoids (they boost collagen production), vitamin C (a powerful glow-booster and antioxidant), and Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs (they brighten and exfoliate the skin, minimize sun damage, and reduce hyperpigmentation).

Wrapping up

Whether you’re 40, 50, or 60, taking years off your appearance doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple tricks up your sleeve, you can manage to retain that youthful glow and look as great as you feel. 


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The wish to remain beautiful and young-looking is universal, and while there’s no way to stop the aging process, there are definitely ways to slow it down. 

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