Wednesday, February 17, 2021

My Current Favorite Interior Instagram Accounts

 Confession, I am slightly obsessed with interior design Instagram accounts. I just love seeing how others choose to design a room, the elements they mix together, and how they tie everything together. Personally, growing up in the South, I am in the camp that tends to gravitate more towards neutrals, blues, greens, yellows, and figuring out the appropriate amount of wallpaper, mirrors, and picture frames that can be used before you cross the delicate line of being a grandmillenial or a grandmother… 

That said, I still love seeing others play out their version, even if it is something completely different from what I would think to do. Like the above picture, if I lived in a New York {or in another large city} apartment I would be all about recreating this look, but probably wouldn’t try to recreate for a Southern home… I would have never thought to put all of these design elements together {especially the lacquer paint}, but they really create a stunning look. 


So for today’s post, I thought it would be fun to share five of my current favorite Interior design Instagram accounts!

One// The Glam Pad

Honestly can’t believe I didn’t know about The Glam Pad till this year. The cover photo is from their account, and all of their other photos are equally amazing and they feature such stunning designs.

Two// Harbor Blue House

This is another account I can’t believe I don’t know about till just a few months ago. If you are a lover of blue and white, you absolutely have to follow Harbor Blue House. They always feature the most beautiful interior photos, and incase you are wondering, yes, all the photos featured have a blue and white color scheme.

Three// The Fox Group

This account is run by like the ultimate design team duo. Exterior, interior, architecture, design, everything they dream up is perfectly beautiful. 

Four// Rivers Spencer

My mom introduced me to this account a year or so ago, and she not only has great taste, but has the most entertaining Insta stories. Classic style, with an up to date twist.

Five// Kristy Woodson Harvey

I love Kristy Woodson Harvey on so many levels – as a person, a writer, and a decorator. She is honestly such a nice person and multi-talented, and her taste is seriously flawless. 

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