Friday, February 12, 2021

Galentine’s Gift Guide

 I love how over the past ten years or so Valentine’s Day has evolved into a holiday for pretty much anyone. I remember about 10 plus years ago people used to call it ‘national single awareness day’, which is obviously a pretty negative spin on the entire day. It has seemed to evolved into a holiday where friends, families, and significant others can celebrate each other. Plus, Valentine’s is a great excuse to treat yourself to a little something as well; after all, isn’t self-love and self-care the new trend these days… So whether of are looking to treat yourself, sister, mother, friends, etc. Here are a few of my favorites to help you celebrate Valentine’s or Galantine’s!

One// Mi Golondrina Soledad Rosas Rosa y Tomate

I am kind of addicted to Mi Golondrina – everything I have ordered from them are just a dream and the hand detailing is just amazingly impressive. The Soledad is my personal favorite Mi Golondrina dress style and this particular color combo makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or a friend! Runs true to size {is meant to fit a little big}


Two// Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Skincare Gift Set

I love Fresh products and their Rose line is my absolute favorite. I use all of these items included in this gift set on a regular basis; The Rose face Cream and Toner is a total game changer in the skin appearance department 


Three// Slip Silk Sleep Mask

If you haven’t bought a Slip pillowcase, definitely give one a try when you get a chance – you will never go back to a regular cotton/flannel/satin pillow ever again. The sleep Slip Sleep Mask is such a fun little extra touch to a nighttime routine


Four// Edie Parker Jean Solid Clutch

Is there every such a thing as too many totes, handbags, or clutches? I like to think the answer to that question is a firm ‘no’. This particular clutch is undoubtedly a major splurge, but it is so timeless and the color is just beautiful 


Five// Jenny Patinkin Heart Gua Sha Sculpting Tool

After using a quartz roller I have become such a fan of sculpting tools, and I just love how this one is in the shape of a heart!


Six// Vietria Hibiscus Glass Pink Bud Vase

If you ever find yourself what to gift someone, this vase is the ultimate can’t go wrong gift. It comes in so many different colors and is just such a beautiful design. And who doesn’t love a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers…


Seven// Tiffany Open Heart Pendant

This is without a doubt a gift for a special person or a very nice and well-deserved treat for your self. I still love silver pieces, but I have completely hopped on the gold jewelry train, and I love how this particular piece looks in gold – it just seems to pop a little more than the silver version 


Eight// Charlotte Tilbury Darling Easy Eye Palette

I was a little late joining the whole Charlotte Tilbury fandom, but now I am one of the loyal followers… Her eye shadow pallets are just beautiful and I love how it doesn’t seem to sprinkle off the makeup brush onto other parts of your face during the application process


Nine// Hazen & Co. Macie Bow

One reason I love social media is that you can come across so many great finds and companies that you otherwise probably wouldn’t have heard about. The design of the hair clip, and their other hair accessories are just so beautifully designed.


Ten// KJP Heart Embroidered Sweater

I am always excited to see what holiday themed sweater or dress KJP will come out with next, and I just love the small heart details of this sweater; it is just such a cute and fun piece


Eleven// Pomander Place Peach Fallon Dress

Love Pomander Place dresses! Their designs are just so flattering, items run true to size, and the pieces are just so easy to style. Runs true to size 

Twelve// Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

This is my current favorite fragrance, and has been for the past three years… I always get so many compliments whenever I wear this particular fragrance. It is a perfectly balanced floral fragrance 


Thirteen// Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats

How cute are these Tory Burch flats!?!?!? A heart pattern – could there be a more perfect flat for the month of February?


Fourteen// Le Lion Sweater 

I stumbled upon this company last month, and I haven’t ordered anything from them yet, so I can’t tell you how the sizing runs, but their designs are just so beautiful. I love the sleeve detail and the delicate touch that seems to be on every sweater.


Fifteen// Lake Pajamas Pima Short-Long Set in Heart

Who doesn’t love a pair of Lake Pajamas? They are so soft and their designs are so classic and pretty. Runs true to size

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