Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Guest Post :: How To Clean Your Leather Bag With Just The Egg And A Pan

Don’t you just hate it when in have a leather handbag that you are completely and totally in love and you get caught in the rain, spill a bit of drink on your handbag, or you lotion/makeup/body oil rubs off on the leather? Then all of a sudden there is a spot on the leather of your most favorite handbag and you could almost just kick yourself for letting it happen. Today this guest post covers how to clean your leather bag – just in time for those rainy spring days when a drop of water will inevitably get on your purse.
Any lady who is the owner of an old leather bag knows how hard it can be to remove all the spots on the skin. Because the leather, being more sensitive, can not be treated like synthetic materials. That said, be careful when using chemical products to wash your bag, as you could damage and break it. In today's article, we will explain how to clean a leather bag, in a simple and homemade way. Find the method that fits your type of bag, because you will discover that light or dark skins should not be treated equally. 

Do Not Throw Away Your Old Bag, as It Can Be Preserved Easily in Your Home!

If you have a old leather messenger bag with light tones, keep in mind the following tips and tricks to eliminate stains. These spots on a lighter coloured bag are always flashier, so you should pay more attention when removing them. 

With these tricks, your light skin bag will look like the brand new. Start by using the white of an egg. Separate it from the yolk and mix the white until it becomes white as snow just as if you were making a sponge cake. Next, dip a clean cloth in the mixture and carefully pass it over the spots on your leather bag. We advise you to cover the whole bag with the egg white, so you don't miss all the stains that are soon about to pop but are not easily visible at the moment. 

When all the skin is covered with the mixture, let it dry outdoors. Once you notice that the bag has dried, rub it with a piece of wool. This fabric will be the most suitable to remove the egg white and it will leave your bag with perfect skin shine without damaging it. 

But, If your stained bag is dark-skinned, the way to remove all dirt is easier and much faster. You will have your bag in perfect condition in just a few minutes. Fill a container with water and place it on the stove. When you notice that the water starts to boil, remove the pan from the fire. 

Place the stained part of the leather bag on top of the pan with boiling water, so that the vapour that comes off can soften the stains. Leave it in this position for a few minutes and then let it dry outdoors. In a few moments, you will see that you have got rid of the annoying stains and your beg will look just as it was on the day of purchase. 

In case the dirt is very intense and visible, type ink or makeup, we advise you to take your leather bag to a dry cleaner. There they will surely use the right products to leave it gleaming and they will preserve it in good condition without damaging it.

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