Thursday, March 21, 2019

Oldies But Goodies

Not to sound like an old person, but is there anyone else out there who thinks today’s TV show can be a little too intense? Full on confession: I used to love Grey’s Anatomy, but I stopped watching it about it about three years ago; there was just too much drama for me and I hated the fact that someone was always going through something negative. I like to sit down at night, decompress, watch something on TV that hopefully has a good ending, and just zone out for an hour or so.
I don’t if it just seems this way, but the way life is portrayed 50, 40, and even 20 years ago seems so much simpler than today. Sometimes I resort to watching old sitcoms that were on TV Land back in the 90’s and were even the shows my parents watched growing up. After a hard day the last thing I want to do is sit down and watch a show with a strained and problematic character relationships. So for those of you who are with me, here are a few oldies but goodie TV show that will send you to bed feeling a bit happier than you were before you turned on the TV. 

Bewitched// This is probably one of my all time favorite shows. Samantha and Darrin are just such a cute couple and I always love how Samantha’s family members are literally always popping in and out. 

I Love Lucy// Lucy probably one of the most iconic tv shows that has every existed. I have started watching this one again on Amazon Prime and have fallen in love with the show all over again

Save By The Bell// Hands down, one of the best TV shows of the 90’s. I used to watch this everyday after school; even at the age of six I was rooting for Zack and Kelly!

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