Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spring Party Dresses

With hints of spring in the air everyone seems to be in a signigicintyly better mood and climbing out of their winter rut. After all, who couldn’t help but walk with a little extra spring in their step when longer days, sunshine, newly bloomed flowers and dress, and of course, a new wave of fashion on the way!?

I always think it’s a bit funny {in a good way} that people are always so ready to break out the next season’s wardrobe a little ahead of time. In Nashville, it can be 79 degress outside in September and people will start to break out cable-knits and boots {me included} then in March, once it hits 65 degress…Hello Spring!
I’m cold-natured so I usually have to hold off till April to start doing Spring clothes, but let me just say, there are some sup cute spring party dresses out there this year!!! Whether you are looking for a garden party dress or a dress for the races…her e are some of my favorites!

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