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Guest Post :: 2019 Wedding Trends

From what I hear wedding planning can be fun but it can also have its stressful moments. I am usually a last minute person, but when it comes to wedding planning you 100% want to be on top of things and ahead of the curve. I always love seeing what the new wedding trends are and just trends in general; I think it’s fun to see which trends are deemed worthy enough to eventually become classics and wardrobe staples. Today Michelle Brown has written a wonderful guest post sharing the wedding trends of 2019!
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To be honest, it’s never too early to start planning that 2019 wedding of yours. But, I get it, it can be daunting when you aren’t sure what’ll be in or out a year from now. I mean, I barely know what I’m wearing today!
So, that’s why I made a cheat sheet for you, hoping to make life (and the wedding) a bit easier for you. There are a few 2018 trends sticking around, but there are also some new and exciting ones forecasted for the upcoming year.
Here are some of the top wedding trends you should look out for in 2019!

Wedding Dresses: Nothing is off limits
From ruffles, metallics, feathers, over-sized bows, and pant suits, the options for making a jaw-dropping entrance in 2019 are endless. Let your personality shine with floral print, puffy sleeves, or a shade of blue, either way, you’ll be on trend.

But if your personality is more traditional with a modern touch, ala Meghan Markle, you’ll still be in. Simple and clean is a timeless look!

Floral arrangements and decor
In 2018, greenery in its most natural form has been used all over weddings. But, in 2019, look out for tailored greenery and floral arrangements in a deeper, moodier color—think shades of purple!

Flowers will be used for more than just centerpieces and bouquets, they’ll be sculpted into floral arches, hanging arrangements, and flower hoops. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Also, don’t be surprised when you see balloons, confetti and/or personalized neon signs decorating the wedding venue.
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The Foodie Experience
Couples are taking food to the next level. Instead of a sit-down, three-course meals, they are offering small plates, giving their guest a more personalized menu.

Food stations have become all the rave, with a variety of options. The guests can decide which station they prefer the most—or they can eat them all. Your imagination can run wild with all the fun ways to play with (or display) the food too! Do whatever your soon-to-be married heart desires!
And, although cake is always a good idea (in my opinion), more and more couples are looking for alternatives to cake, like, donuts, cake pops, or pies. Or again, have a whole desert table with all of them. Having to decide which dessert you want is really the worst!

Sentiment over everything
Weddings can be a lot. And, when trying to cater to your guest, the price tag increases. No one wants to be the person who offended their third cousin, Mary! Well, in 2019, it’s all about the couple and the sentiment behind each decision. Instead of having a large bouquet for photo-ops and the like, couples are going smaller. They want an arrangement with more meaning behind it. Just look at the Duchess’ bouquet!

Sentimentality extends to stationary, table clothes, and even groomsmen attire as well. Who says they all have match or follow a particular design? They can be whatever you want! So, be creative and a personalize your wedding to symbolize you and your person—it’s your wedding day after all.
This ties into a rise in small, intimate and destination weddings or elopements, planning to keep the guest list to a minimum. No offense, Mary!
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Love, Meghan Markle
Her wedding dresses, the bouquet, and even the messy up-do from Meghan and Harry’s Royal Wedding have continued to send waves of inspiration into 2019. The overall elegance that surrounds the day is what couples hope to emulate. And, I’m sure this will be around for decades to come.
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The Wedding Guest!
Put your checkbooks and cash away, Venmo and digital registries are now becoming the wedding gift. There’s no need to worry about getting a check, filling it out, and bringing it to the wedding (while also remembering to put it on the gift table), because it’s already been taken care of.
And if your up for it, join the couple for a pre-wedding marathon or yoga class because who doesn’t want to sweat before they say, ‘I do’? It’s so 2019!

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