Tuesday, September 18, 2018


For New Year’s of 2014 one of my New Year’s goals that year was to go to Chicago. I know it is a little crazy since it is such a popular weekend travel destination, but I had never been to Chicago before. Fast-forward four years later to September 2018, it may have taken me a little while, but I can officially check that item off my New Year’s Goals list from 2014.
Chicago is definitely my kind of town. I don’t know about the winters, but as long as the temperature was above freezing I could so live there. The river running through the main stretch of buildings was beautiful and the shopping definitely lived up to all the hype; I now feel like all the stores in Nashville are sample stores compared to the 2 – 4 story buildings on Michigan Ave.

I was only there for Memorial Day weekend, but I can already feel the city pulling at my sleeve to come back… The Ralph Lauren Store and Restaurant was by far my favorite place I visited there. Once I walked into their home department I felt like I had just walked into a perfectly decorated apartment that I never wanted to leave.

The only two things that I was really able to mark off my Chicago to-see list was Michigan Ave, East Oak, and eat at the RL CafĂ©. I really want to see a play there (the Chicago Theater looks amazing!), visit the Art Institute of Chicago, go see a Cubs game, and last but not least see The Bean {I know, it’s probably the most touristy thing ever} so I will definitely visit again soon! For now here is a little photo recap!

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  1. What a wonderful visit you had to Chicago! The RL Cafe looks truly amazing, love all the pictures on the walls. When I visited Chicago, we, unfortunately, did not eat there. My friends chose the Hard Rock Cafe, which is also pretty cool with all the memorabilia about the room, although the RL Cafe would have been my preferred choice! It's beautiful!

    While it may be a nice place to shop and visit, it's always so scary to hear on the news all the violence taking place in Chicago these days. So sad. I'm glad to hear you had a great, safe trip.

    Blessings, Net