Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let It Go

‘Let It Go’ is pretty much the best message {and song} I have ever gotten out of a Disney; sometimes I even tell myself, ‘be like Elsa, just let it go’. There really is a sense of freedom in knowing that sometimes you can let things go for a little while, for your own benefit.
I had so much going on this summer and have been horrible at staying on top of things. I have about eight books I need to read and review, tons of products to review, pictures to take, and about 90 ‘have-to respond to’ emails. Just the amount of things I have to do has been so daunting that I haven’t been able to pick the best angle to go at if from. This week I kind of took the week off in the sense that I didn’t do any sponsor posts, promotional posts, outside writing opportunities, etc. and just caught up on some sleep did a few things I enjoy and I ironically I feel like I have actually accomplished a lot.

I can get so caught up on a single factor and just end up obsessing over it in such an unhealthy way. For me, stepping back and being able to see the big picture is so helpful. Once I let everything go a bit and took the pressure off of myself a bit, I feel like I have put more of a dent into things than I have in a while. I have pre-written some posts, answered a decent amount of emails, sorted the books out by which ones need to be read first, and I feel like I have found a great angle to go at everything from.

As hard as it, sometimes you just have to let it go, take the pressure off of yourself, let a few things go, ask for some extensions and cross your fingers that the ok is given, and take care of yourself. So if you have a lot on your plate at the moment, just remember to let it go and keep the big picture in mind

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