Tuesday, September 25, 2018

AU Rate New York

I love jewelry, but it is always such a challenge to find nice, quality, attractive jewelry at a lower end price point. I usually end up paying at least $250-$500, at the low range for everyday bracelets, rings, and necklaces. I can always rationalize my decision by consoling myself with the fact that if you properly invest in nice jewelry you will have it for a lifetime; and honestly, I perfect quality over quantity. However, every now and then I will fall hard for a jewelry trend, and that is when I have a hard time spending a lot of money on jewelry, I mean…$500+ for a timeless bracelet, but for one that is only going to be around for a season…I don’t think so.
Recently I came into contact with AU Rate New York and I absolutely love them! They have such a broad price range, great quality, and you can definitely jump on board with your favorite jewelry trend at these price ranges. One of my favorite current trends is a stackable ring. It probably won’t be around forever, but I feel like it is the perfect blend of old world elegance with a current twist.

Au Rate was kind enough to send me one of their Mini Medallion Ring, complete with a letter engraving {obviously} and their stackable twist ring. I could not be any more thrilled with the appearance and quality of the rings; I have worn them everyday since I first received them and have gotten so many compliments on the rings.

One piece of jewelry I usually don’t have a hard time finding at a reasonable price point are earrings, but AU Rate’s earrings are just to die for. They literally have something for everyone and every occasion. I have been trying to restrain myself, but I think I’m going to order these, these, and these.

If you are in search of a few beautiful pieces of jewelry, at a great price, and will lasts a lifetime {and just happens to come with a lifetime guarantee} then I highly suggest checking out AU Rate! The creativity and craft will capture your heart and wrap it in gold.

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