Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Warby Parker Archive Edition

If being excited about the release of the new Warby Parker Archive Edition is wrong I don’t want to be right.
The company who not only made stylish sunglasses and glasses more affordable and donates a pair of glasses for every one sold, has once again come out with a beautiful new line of glasses. Today, October 10, Warby Parker just launched their new Archive Edition line {excitement all over, I know}, which is a blend of their favorite vintage design details coupled with modern techniques. To add to the uniqueness and neatness of the Archive Edition, each multi-layered pair is hand-assemble and hand-finished by a master craftsman in Fukui, Japan.
The twist of the modern with a nod to a bit of old school flair has my heart a flutter.  Pssst… the new Dewey style with a hint of a cat eye is kind of my favorite, I mean…a tad bit of a retro look, tortoiseshell, use of gold medal, seriously, who could not love these glasses!?

As for the rest of the Archive Edition…