Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Swans of Fifth Avenue

Please, don’t judge this book by how long it has taken me to read…I started The Swans of Fifth Avenue back in January and just now fished. Despite how long it took me to read it, it really is a simply scrumptious book. I keep hearing mixed reviews about this book and other book recommendations and The Swans of Fifth Avenue turned into one of those books that I read on and off over a period of time…definitely should stop paying attention to mixed reviews.

I will say that in order to fully enjoy this book you have to have a love for New York, Truman Capote, have an appreciation for the 1950’s, and keep in mind that despite the fact that Truman Capote is a real person this book is a work of fiction. Confession: the 1920s through the 1960s is my favorite time period, so of course I loved the setting and the author, Melanie Benjamin, does a wonderful job of transporting you back in time.

Truman Capote, who is portrayed as a genius with a larger-than life personality that jumps off the pages has his swans, aka the glamorous socialites. Babe Paley, is Truman’s favorite swan, with her flawless sense of style, fashion, and looks. Although she seemingly has it all underneath it all she has a few insecurities and a desperate longing for true love and connection. Truman and Babe easily bond and become fast friends

In the novel, Swans of Fifth Avenue, Truman’s fame is at it’s peak, and his new work is about to ignite a literary scandal.

Melanie Benjamin’s The Swans of Fifth Avenue will have you transported back to the 1950’s and entranced with the glamorous New York high society and all the scandal involved. A wonderful fall read!


  1. Sounds good!

    Wish you a happy Week Lauren, kisses

    1. Thank you! Hope you are having a wonderful week as well!

  2. i love all of it, especially truman capote of course. breakfast at tiffanys constitutes my love for literature and films. and in the film version my grand aunt participated, that's why i love it even more!

    thanks for your review. i guess this would be a perfect book for me :)

    dahi from strangeness-and-charms.com

    1. That's so neat about your aunt! I loved this book and I hope you enjoy it as well!