Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DefineMe Fragrance

Awhile back DefineMe Frangrance sent me a bottle of their Audry Fragrance oil and I have become a little obsessed with not only the fragrance but the company as well. I honestly don’t know how DefineMe was able to pick a fragrance that I not only love, but one that is just oh so me. After receiving the perfume I even took their fragrance quiz available on the DefineMe website and the result was Audry!
The founder of DefineMe Fragrance, Jennifer Newton, took a leap of faith and founded the fragrance company in 2015. The company sets out to empower women in a way that is feminine with a modern twist. Currently there are six different fragrances available. Assigned to each fragrance is an empowered “it-girl” of today; the name of each fragrance and the “It-Girl” assigned to that fragrance are supposed to represent the scent and personality. “The intention is to be a wearable reminder of one’s own confidence, strength, passion, fearlessness + to empower!”.
All of the fragrances are available in an oil or a mist and all fragrances are blended with natural vegan coconut oil. I was sent the Audry Fragrance oil that has a roller ball applicator, which, I actually prefer – it’s great to toss in your handbag, apply here and there without the worry of accidently including someone else in a quick perfume spritz.

Audry has notes of jasmine, peony {my favorite flower!}, rose, and sandalwood – I love pretty much floral anything, my bedroom d├ęcor even has touches of floral designs, so it goes without saying that I am a big fan of the scent. No need to worry if floral notes in a perfume are not your thing; DefineMe offers citrus, musky, sweet, and woodsy fragrances as well. Oh, and have I mentioned that the fragrance takes forever to wear off and lasts all day? Just another reason to love this up and coming fragrance line.
In addition to amazing packaging, flawless shipping design {you seriously feel like you are opening up a present}, a quality product that is meant to empower women, DefineMe Fragrances gives $1 of every bottle sold to a non-profit organization, She’s the First, who’s missions is to provide scholarships to girls living in low-income countries. To learn more about DefineMe Frangrance click here.


  1. This seems to be a wonderful product. I love pretty fragrances :) Wonderful post dear! Stay in touch. Hugs
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

    1. You should definitely check out this company since you like fragrances! You will love them!

  2. Oh, I love this !!!
    I subscribe to ScentBird and that's the way I feel every month when the parcel arrives.
    My favorite so far has been Cartier Brasier Vole. I'm looking into you guys as these would make wonderful gifts, wouldn't they? xx's

    1. I'll have to look into ScentBird and their Cartier Brasier Vole!