Sunday, July 23, 2017

Links I'm Loving

I don’t do too many of these type of posts and I really should do more of them, but every once in a while there will be so many great things that I come across that I just can’t help but share them.

Degas has always been my favorite artist from the impressionism movement, especially his ballerinas. When I saw that Misty Copeland {let’s face facts, who doesn’t love Misty Copeland?!} recreated some of Degas famous ballerinas pieces my heart skipped a beat. All the re-creations are just so breathtakingly beautiful.

Nerd alert: Growing up I was a major fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, but honestly if you grow up in the late 90’s/early 2000s chances were you were more than likely on the Harry Potter train. Not going to lie, I got a little overly excited when I learned the news and even texted a few friends who enjoy Harry Potter as much as a do to alert them of the news….bad I know, but everyone probably has at least one thing that they geek out about.

This is one of my favorite sales of the year and a great opportunity to stock up on those fall items you have been admiring in the magazines and online lookbooks

I have been completely crushing on all of the Liberty of London collaboration pieces that J. Crew has done this season. I’ve already invested in a Liberty dress and a party of Liberty shorts and I am definitely tempted by the newest Liberty piece – the one-shoulder tie dress.

Again at the risk of sounding a little nerdy I am loving the not to the influences of past artist. If you are a art fan than you more than likely know who Frida Kahlo is and I love the fact that she is know for her Flower Crowns!

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