Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Favorite Winter Time Beauty Products

The wintertime seems to be the prime time of the year for dry skin, flat-ish hair, and dry lips. I will admit, I will take on the challenge of dry skin, just at the chance of being able to see snow. Here are a few of my favorite winter beauty products.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser// All the Cetaphil products are basically a lifesaver during the winter months. Their facial cleanser seems to be a bit less abrasive and seems to hydrate the skin.
Water// Not really a beauty product at all, but it is without a doubt great for the skin. If you are not a big water drink I encourage you to try to work water into your daily routine and you will see a difference in your complexion in about two weeks.
Clinique Moisture Surge// This product is one that I start using around  January {aka coldest month of the year}. It is the best wintertime face cream to use at night.
Sugar Lip Treatment// This product is kind of like a chap stick and a lip gloss rolled into one beautiful product. My favorite color is rose.
The DryBar Texas Tea Shampoo// this shampoo will put life back into limp winter hair, and as an added bonus it smells wonderful
Johnson’s and Johnson BabyLotion// A lotion not just for babies…this lotion dries into your skin quickly and helps to keep you skin hydrated throughout the day
Clinique Youth Surge// I apply this cream to my face everyday before I apply my face primer and the difference is so noticeable.
Cremo Shave Cream// I bought this shaving cream a few months ago for the first time {the packaging won me over} and it is amazing! It literally last two months, gives you the closest shave you’ve probably ever have had, and has coconut oil in it that helps to keep your skin hydrated.

What are some of you favorite winter beauty products?


  1. That sugar lip scrub is my definite need this time of year!

    1. Sugar Lip is the best lip product ever for winter! I haven't tried their scrub yet but I will have to give it a go :)

  2. Thank you for the kind comment! So happy to see you enjoyed this post!