Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Short Story

The summer season is widely associated with sundresses, skirts, bikinis, and of course shorts! There is nothing easier than waking up on a summer morning taking a refreshing shower, then slip into a pair of cute shorts, cute top or v-neck, and ta-da! Cute, easy summer outfit, you are now ready to start the weekend, ideally with a walk on the beach.

I have rounded up my favorite pairs of summer shorts for this season. Of course I have included the classics, but I have also included some new as well – the Lauren James bow shorts and Southern Marsh shorts are undoubtedly cute and stylish.  I have to admit I was in a very pink frame of mind when I put together this post…


  1. This year I picked up a couple new pairs of shorts to replace some old pairs I wasn't wearing anymore. I'm a big fan of all the fun patterns and materials.

    1. I love patterns on a short - they just seem to scream summer!

  2. So excited for summer fashion!! Great picks love!

    XO, Jessi