Monday, June 29, 2015

5th and Taylor

A couple weeks ago for my birthday I ate at a fairly new Nashville restaurant in Germantown and it was amazing. I honestly think the food at 5th& Taylor is the best food I have eaten out in years; not even exaggerating.
Most of the food tasted like something my great-grandmother used to whip up in her kitchen – the biscuits still had a faint taste of baking powder atop of them. I love how new restaurants are constantly popping up in Nashville {especially the farm to table ones}, but it is not very often you walk into a restaurant with a trendy atmosphere and have the sense of eating food that taste as if it were prepared for an old-fashioned family dinner, and 5th & Taylor did just that.
Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in the dinning experience {I’m a bit of a foodie} I failed to take a picture of every dish, but here are a few of my favorite picks from the menu:
1.      sausage-cheddar biscuits {they melt in your mouth}
2.    Summer squash soup
3.    Shrimp and Grits
4.    Side of grilled squash
5.    Raspberry Macaroon {a real raspberry is in the middle of the macaroon}


  1. Those desserts look fantastic. I prefer unique restaurants to the typical chain, their food just seems to taste better!

    1. I so agree - unique restaurants are usually way better than chain resturants!

  2. The food here sounds delicious, definitely a must-try!

  3. Awesome post! I like the interior. Have a wonderful Wednesday dear! :)

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