Monday, October 13, 2014

Save Money, Save Time

The Dollar Shave Club has inspired me to partake in their “Shave Money, Shave Time” campaign, because who doesn't want to save time and money! Of course I  wanted to partake in this campaign, Dollar Shave Club has such a great reputation and I have so many friends who subscribe to them.  Here are a few ways to “Shave Money, Shave Time”!

It never fails, whenever I have to be somewhere on time, with no wiggle room, I am bound to be late. Granted, I am not the best at being on time to anything in the first place… if I am meeting someone for dinner I will probably be that annoying person who runs 15 minutes late, but to be fair I do always warn the person I’m meeting that there is a high probability of me running late. Needless to say that being on time is somewhat of a challenge for every now and then.

Another problem I have is keeping an eye on how much money I spend. Now the older I get the better I become at keeping an eye on how much money I spend. When it comes to shopping though sometimes I get a little lose with it… I can go a month or so without buying something that’s not a necessity, but I promise, it seems like all the cute clothes come out at once, and you have to buy it before what you want is sold out, right? I’m not sure which is worse: the feeling of “I have bought way too much lately, I need to stop spending money” or the feeling of “I really wish I would have bought that dress/top/skirt/etc. I like to think that later is the worse feeling because that one can haunt you for months, but the first at least you can look at some of those purchases as an investment.

My family is forever telling me I need to be on time or sending me text messages reminding me of the time. Every now and then I also hear about how I have bought too many things recently.

Luckily, over the years I have picked up some tips on how the save time and money. Let’s face it, when making a first impression the first two things you are judged on is how punctual you are and your appearance. As for money… as much as I don’t like to talk about it the older I get the more I realize how important it is to save and be a smart shopper.

How To Save Time:
1.      Prepare For The Morning The Night Before: I always wash and dry my hair at night because it takes forever a day to dry, pick out my outfit, if I have something important I need to take with me in the morning I put it in or next to my handbag
2.    Organize: I would constantly feel lost if I was not organized and I will just go ahead and fess up, I think organizing is fun… labels, color code, I get a kick out of it
3.    To-Do List: Organize a to-do list from most to least important, marking things off as you accomplish them.
4.    Limit technology: When you are in a situation where you need to be somewhere at a certain time or have to write a paper limit certain technologies. I think we all can agree that social media and our phones and time suckers and the first thing we go to when we are putting off doing something. Next time you are on a deadline avoid Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. I bet you will probably save 30 minutes

How To Save Money:
1.       Budgets: Set up a plan. Make a spread sheet or outline of what you can comfortably spend for the month
2.    Sales: There are literally always sales going on. If you are in a situation where you “need” something check the sale rack first
3.    Starbucks addiction: Treat yourself to a Starbucks drink every other day, and the rest of the week make coffee at home
4.    Hold: If you are unsure about investing in an item have the store hold it for you and think your decision over
5.    Razors: The razors I buy at the grocery store run around $20, but if you just the Dollar Shave Club you can get a months worth of razors for $1 {the least expensive} or a month’s worth of razors for $9.00 {the most expensive. Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a heck of a deal to me. Plus Dollar Shave Club has an excellent reputation and offer quality razors.


  1. My boyfriend gets these! It makes me really happy because now he shaves his neckbeard more often, hahahah.

  2. Aww this is absolutely amazing, I needed the save time and money! x

    1. I need to do the same! Glad to see you found this post useful :)

  3. I definitely have saved time by planning things the night before work, this way I'm not scrambling in the morning.

    1. I hate the feeling of scrambling or forgetting things, planning ahead pays off for sure!