Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gray's On Main

This past Saturday I ventured down to downtown Franklin, TN. this is the perfect town to walk around during the fall, everything is so picturesque. Franklin is about 30 minutes away from where I live in Nashville; I have to say I am slightly jealous of all the great restaurants Franklin has on and around Main Street. Then after you eat you can walk around and visit different stores – a few of my favorite stores right on Main Street are The Iron Gate, Lulu, and of course Anthropologie.
This weekend I decided to have lunch at Gray’s on Main which is a pretty new restaurant, I believe it has only been around a year are so, but the building is chalk full of history. Before becoming Gray’s On Main it was the Gray Drug Co., which was a landmark pharmacy that lasted almost a century. Gray’s on Main is housed in a three-story Victorian building, and is one of the few buildings in downtown Franklin that uses all its three-stories for the same purpose.
One interesting thing Gray’s is know for is their bar and focus on brandy-inspired drinks from around the late 19th century. I personally didn’t have a drink, but the bar tenders seemed to be very skilled and were mixing some drinks that looked downright delicious. The bar has a handcrafted menu reflecting the drink culture around the 19th century and its original foundations and also includes a few drinks that pairs nicely with items from their seasonal lunch menu.
Now to the important part…the food! I was torn between two appetizers so I did they only sensible thing and ordered both, after all, they are meant to be shared and better to have too much for everyone than not enough. The first appetizer that was chosen was the Pecan Crusted Okra. Now I am quite a fan of okra and this okra paired with the comeback sauce {it tasted like it was some kind of spicy cheese sauce} was so amazingly delicious. If you ever go to Gray’s definitely get this appetizer.
The other appetizer I opted for were of course the Fried Green Tomatoes; whenever I see these on a menu I always have to get them, friend green tomatoes are one of my favorite things in the world! The Friend Green Tomatoes was paired with roasted creamy corn and goat cheese. I will go ahead and admit that I am not a huge fan of creamed corn nor I have I had it paired with fried green tomatoes before, but everything worked perfectly together and was out of this world. I highly recommend ordering this appetizer as well if you ever go to Gray’s on Main.
For lunch I ordered the Grilled Pimento BLT, which consisted of Texas toast, house pimento, fried green tomato, sundried tomato aioli, bacon, and arugula. In all honesty the sandwich fell a little short of expectation and everyone else at the table admitted that their main dish didn’t measure up to the appetizers either. The Grilled Pimento BLT was still delicious, plus it had a fried green tomato on it, but it just didn’t quite measure up to the appetizers.


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    1. It really is and has such a unique atmosphere plus a great view of downtown Franklin!

  2. great pics, that town looks lovely and the food delicious ;)

  3. Looks like a nice place and food must be yummy :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  4. Ooh yum, that food looks fantastic. Now I want to visit for the shopping and the food!

    1. You should totally come for a visit, you would love the food!

  5. Hope you have a lovely day as well Kenny!