Monday, July 7, 2014

Undeniable :: July Issue

The new issue of Undeniable is out for the month of July. For the July issue I wrote an article on how to make a small space seem bigger; I think at some point in time everyone can relate to finding a solution to this problem. Below is the article I wrote for Undeniable, be sure to check out the rest of the magazine! There are some really great articles in this issue!

When it comes to interior decorating one of the most common problems is trying to figure out a way to make the room or the interior of a place look larger than it really is.  Whether you’re getting ready to move into a dorm room, first apartment, or update an older house I feel like the first move in decorating is mapping out a plan to make a space look bigger or in some cases how to make a room feel more intimate. Usually small rooms are associated with apartments; however, older houses tend to have smaller rooms as well. To help you achieve the illusion of having a bigger room or space here are a few easy tips that can make a big difference.

Use Light Colors
Lighter colors such as light shades of blue, whites, light yellows, etc. tend to open up a room, giving the room a light and airy feeling. Light colors are better for reflecting light, hence, giving the optical illusion that a room is larger than it really is.

Often times people tend to make the mistake of thinking that since they want to wallpaper a small room they should use wallpaper with a small print. However, wallpaper with a small print gives the illusion of making an area feel smaller. If you prefer wallpaper over paint be sure to use wallpaper with a large print to make a small room feel larger.

Limit Clutter
The less clutter the better. Limiting the clutter in a small room will make the space seem more open then it really is. Limiting the clutter will also make a room feel more organized and also make the room feel more enjoyable to spend time in.

I love a gallery wall just as much as the next person but when decorating a small space a gallery wall is not necessarily the best way to go. One large painting or print usually works for a small space rather that a lot of small ones. However if you are in love with the idea of a gallery wall and really want to go for it is better to make all the frames the same color – remember monochromatic color combos work better for a smaller space.

For small spaces the more lighting the better. Allowing natural lighting to flow in will open up a space. To achieve natural lighting either pull window curtains back or use sheer window dressings.

Mirror are one of the best decorating elements to use to make a small room look larger, and besides who doesn’t love a beautiful mirror or mirrored piece of furniture. Mirrors reflect light and color making a room feel instantly bigger.

Tables/End Tables
Using a glass or Lucite tables will help to keep the space feeling open. Using mirrored end tables will also help to reflect the light and colors in the room.


  1. I agree with using light colors and limiting color - they really open up my apartment!


    1. I love light colors, they can do wonders for a room!

  2. I have a 760 square foot apartment, so I completely feel you on this one! You're spot on about the mirrors and lack of gallery wall.


    1. It always amazes me the difference mirrors make when it comes to a small room.

  3. Very inspiring :)

  4. Congrats on a great article Lauren! My bedroom is super small so I definitely use different strategies to save space and make it seem bigger.