Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beautiful Ruins

I recently finished another book from my summer reading list {click here to view} I posted a couple weeks ago and simply had to share it with you all. In all honesty Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter took a little while for me to get into but once I did I could not put the book down, one day I think I read a little over a hundred pages in one sitting. Beautiful Ruins alternates back and fourth between present time Los Angeles and Italy in 1962; the characters and modern and present time are artfully woven together as the story line progresses. This book has romance, drama, a beautiful setting, and of course the writing is wonderful.

Beautiful Ruins opens on a rocky Italian coastline in 1962 with an Italian innkeeper, Pasquale, looking out over the water soon spotting and American film actress, Dee, who is in Italy for the filming of Cleopatra. While on the set of Cleopatra Dee has a love affair with the infamous Richard Burton resulting in a child, which at the start of the pregnancy Dee thinks is stomach cancer. She is sent to stay at Pasquale’s inn before heading to Switzerland. Pasquale and Dee have an unspoken chemistry between, unfortunately it will be about 50 years till they are able to reunite and have a happy ending together.

In Modern Day Los Angeles Michael Deen, an old movie producer, and his assistant Claire work to produce mostly reality shows. While Claire is listening to different movie pitches on wild pitch Friday Seth, who is pitching the movie Donner!, walks into the studio at the same time as Pasquale. Pasquale makes it clear to Claire via Seth’s Italian to American translation that he is not there to pitch a movie idea but rather looking for an old movie actress by the name of Dee Moore. Once Claire understands the situation she calls Michael at his home to explain the situation. Arrangements are made for Michael, Claire, Seth, and Pasquale to set off to find Dee, her son, and reunite Pasquale and Dee after so many years have gone by.

This book is a wonderful read and one I highly recommend. The righting is beautiful and the characters are so well developed through out the book. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is the perfect book to read while sitting by the pool and enjoying the summer sun.


  1. it seems like a good book. wanna read it someday


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  2. I've been thinking about picking up Beautiful Ruins at Target once I finish the Harry Potter series but wasn't sure if I would like it. Thanks for the review, very helpful!

  3. I love reading in the summer! I'll check out the book.

    1. It is a really good book, I hope you enjoy it :)