Thursday, March 7, 2013

Southerners & Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey has become one of the most watched television shows in the South. Every time I sign onto Facebook or Twitter after a new episode has been on, my newsfeed is chock-full of Downton Abbey updates. I got to thinking, why are Southerners so enamored with this show; then I realized, it’s because we can identify with it: the characters, the drama, the decor, the hunting, etc. Thanks to the help of our friends at Garden and Gun here is a list of why Southerners love Downton Abbey so much!
They drink a lot, but never have to drive anywhere.
Matthew Crawley can make any Southern Belle's heart skip a beat
Southerners like to look good when they hunt, too, whether it's top hat and riding jacket or neon orange and camouflage
They love their dogs as much as we do in the South. If only ours never had to go to the bathroom...or made any noise whatsoever.
They call a valet with a limp and a criminal record "eccentric". We call it Southern gothic
The Southern Belles of Downton Abbey. (Sorry G&G, but Mary doesn't hold a candle to Scarlett O'Hara)
Carson's pride of place is rivaled only by that of a Southern hostess
Southerners have loved Shirley MacLaine ever since her tomato-loving turn as Ouiser in Steel Magnolias
We all have a Dowager Countess in our lives, whether it's our mother or mother-in-law: manipulative, tough as nails, and always ready with a one-liner
No one loves or plans a wedding like we do in the South.

Thank you Garden & Gun for your help with solving the mystery of why Southerners love Downton Abbey so much! The list above is slightly different from that of Garden & Guns, to view their "Ten Reasons Why We love Downton Abbey" click here.

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