Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Green Thumb

The first day of spring is just a few days away and it is creeping up on us! I for one cannot wait! I love hydrangeas, roses, boxwoods, tulips, and really any flower! In the South, Southerners take pride in their garden; after all when it comes to houses we judge the book by its cover (you want the outside of your house to look just as nice or nicer than the inside). If you are a Southern lady, you also have to have an absolutely beautiful garden that is busting at the seams with class and flowers to host those garden parties and other events. You might even have to call a tree service on occasion to help you with the maintenance, and The are great! In the South the last thing you want is to belong to a garden club and not have the best garden. Needless to say, most home gardens in the South are beyond beautiful. So to help you on your way to a to-die-for garden here are a few tips and ideas! 
Beautiful Garden Pathway
If you're looking for a way to plant your seeds and give them some roots before you put them in the ground Country Living has some great tips! Click Here to see
I love the idea of combining boxwoods and hydrangeas together. It gives off such a tailored and elegant look.
Peonies are a great addition to any garden! Martha Stewart has some wonderful pointers on maintaing peonies; Click Here to see
If you have a small garden space combine similar species in a large terracotta pot. For more small-spce garden ideas Click Here
For more garden design ideas Click Here


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