Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Links I'm Loving

 Sharing all the fun and interesting links I have found over the week is one of my favorite things to share with you all. There’s so many great movies, social media content, moments in fashion, and so much more that it is honestly a little hard to pick just a few. Off topic, but is anyone else in a slight panic that two months of the New Year are officially over and it feels like New Year’s day was just last week? Because I am definitely a little in shock by how fast time is passing…. 

One// Priscilla 

If you are an Elvis or Priscilla fan this movie is an absolute must see! I’ve heard mixed reviews about this movie, so obviously had to watch. I think we can all agree that the story of Elvis and Priscilla is an intriguing one, but not necessarily a happy one… This movie does have some dark spots, but it is absolutely amazing; I loved it. Some of the clothes used for the movie are stunning, the music is fantastic, and the storyline is so interesting, 

Two// Sarah Flint Janet Loafer

I am so loving the fact that loafers, ballet flats, and Mary Janes are having a moment in the world of fashion; they are not only stylish, but also comfortable… I am so smitten by Sarah Flint’s newest loafer and the tassel detail is just next level! To save 15% use code: SARAHFLINT_CCLAURENAID

Three// Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

I honestly do not know how I lived without this lip product. I love how it goes on…. I so smooth and just a luxe texture… a little bit of a splurge for lip balm, but it lasts a long time and it is just a really great product!

Four// Gaspard Cardigan

I am officially in love with all thing Sezane; everything is so beautiful, elegant, and timeless. The Gaspard Cardigan is my most current obsession. You can style it with the buttons in the front or the back and it comes in like 20 different colors!

Five// HayleyyBaylee

This is my new favorite YouTube channel. If you need a good laugh or a lighter moment in life, than be sure to check out her account!

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