Saturday, March 9, 2024

Current Favorite Instagram Accounts

 Instagram is easily the social media platform I spend the most time on; I love the endless amount of content, ideas, recipes, pretty things, interiors, fashion inspiration, and the overall rabbit hole that is any social media platform. I feel like it’s easy to fill my mind with positive things on this platform and that overall it’s filled with positive and creative accounts. On the endless sea that is social media is always so easy to discover old favorites, new favorites, new to me accounts, etc. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my current favorite Instagram accounts!

One// Maddy DeVita of @handmethefork

I absolutely love food. Love the process of making a dish, watching other people cook, the therapeutic relaxation cooking and food can bring on, and of course, most all of all, I love to eat… Maddy DeVita’s account shows you and inside view to the life of a personal chef, the food she makes, a little about her personal life. P.S. I am 100% invested in her revival of her sourdough started at the moment. Such a fun account to follow!

Two// Kelly Rutherford (@kellyrutherford)

Why I did not start following Kelly Rutherford’s account sooner is beyond me. She is most definitely a modern-day style icon. I love her iconic mirror selfies and her over style. When I was in my teens and 20s when it came to style icons, I used to just pay attention to what they were wearing. Now that I’m older I pay attention to what they’re wearing as well as their overall energy. Life is short, and in my opinion, you should embrace feelings of youthfulness as often as you can and be happy whenever the chance comes along. I definitely want to be like Kelly Rutherford when I am in my 50s

Three// Excuse My Grandma (@excusemygrandma)

Everyone needs a little advice from Grandma Gail in their life. Kim and her grandmother are just the best duo to watch. Love the advice they give, their dynamic, and the endless entertaining things they say. 

Four// Samantha Varvel (@samanthatravel)

Love this account because I feel like Samantha’s style is relatable to mind and her content ideas always resonate with me. She has flawless taste and the best sense of timeless style. 

Would love to hear what some of your favorite accounts are!

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