Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Sarah Flint Sandal Review

 I love a fall and winter filled with coats, boots, sweaters, and the many layers that come with cooler weather, but by the spring and summer roll around, I always appreciate the simplicity of being able to throw on a sundress and a favorite pair of sandals. I miss the layers that come with fall and winter, but I have to admit, summer clothing is just more comfortable and easier. 

I am currently working with Sarah Flint, a shoe and accessory company as a brand ambassador  {you can use my code: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID at checkout to receive $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes}. I have only been working with Sarah Flint not quite two months but have been a fan of theirs for a few years now. I am almost embarrassed to admit, but over the course of three years I have collected about 16 pairs of their shoes, and about half of them are sandals… Obviously, I am a fan of their products. All of their shoes are handmade in Italy, designed with comfort and style in mind. Each pair of Sarah Flint shoes is an investment piece meant to be worn and will last you for years as long as you take proper care of them. 


Since it is sandal officially sundress and sandal season, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share an honest review of the Sarah Flint sandals I currently own and highlight the two new sandals that Sarah Flint has currently released for the 2022 summer season!

I feel like it is only appropriate to start with the Sarah Flint Great Sandal. Sarah Flint has been around since about 2014, and I feel like this style has been in her collection of shoes almost since the start of the company. I honestly hadn’t heard of Sarah Flint till about 2016 or 2017 when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were dating and were all anyone could talk about. I know we all have mixed feelings about Meghan Markle, but one thing we can’t deny is she has good taste, and was/is constantly seen wearing Sarah Flint’s Natalie Flat and the Grear Sandal {and a few other Sarah Flint shoes}. There is a reason why Sarah Flint shoes are so popular among the celebrity circle, and comfort is most definitely one of those reasons.


I own the Grear sandal in about 5 different colors… They are so comfortable right out of the box, I love how versatile the style is, the fact they lace up like a point shoe, and they are so comfortable! The oldest pair I have is three years old and has held up amazingly well! I honestly feel like everyone should have at least one pair of Grears in their wardrobe.

Next up is the Mirjana Sandal. This particular sandal was released last spring/summer and is now available in five different colors! I recently purchased the Mirjana in Gold Nappa in March and a loved them so much that a few weeks later I purchased them in the Amalfi Blue Vachetta. Recently I have been wearing my Mirjanas slightly more than my Grear sandals for the simple fact that they are just so easy to slide on and go, plus, I love the intricate bow detail. These shoes are such an investment piece and so timeless, highly recommend these for a wardrobe staple as well!

Sarah Flint’s Perfect Block Sandal is one of the few heels that I can actually tolerate… Side effect of going to Catholic schools and wearing saddle shoes, bucks, and loafers for most of my school career, but I usually do not tolerate heels well at all… Sarah Flint heels are literally the only pair of heels I own that I don’t feel the need to add a Dr Scholl’s gel heel liner to, all my other heels that aren’t Sarah Flint are lined with gel inserts. All Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandals and pumps contain a wider toe box, extra padding {which makes all the difference}, arch support, and extra support for the heel structure itself. I actually find myself wearing my Block Sandals even when the occasion doesn’t call for a heel. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes. The extra details, cushion and support just makes all the difference. If you have a summer event that requires a heel, I highly recommend these, and the are available in a 30, 60, and 90 heel height! 

The next two pair of sandals are shoes that I actually don’t own yet, but both were recently released, and the designs are just too timeless not to share.


The Mirjana Wedge has the same intricate bow detail as the Mirjana Sandal and is made on the same last as the block sandal, and includes the same arch support and extra padding as the block sandal. I feel like these wedges have a major Allie Hamilton/The Notebook {movie} vibe about them. These wedges come in a 50 and 80 heel height and would be so easy to dress up or down, plus they have a beautifully timeless look to about them.

Last but not least is Sarah Flint’s newest sandal release, the Arabesque Slide. I feel like these slides go so perfect with the ‘Coastal Grandmother’ {aka Nancy Myers vibe} look that is currently on trend. I mean, how amazing would the look with a skirt or a pair of jeans and a linen shirt. If Nancy Myers makes a movie anything soon, these slides definitely need to make an appearance. I feel like the whole Coastal Grandmother term is just a different term for simplistic elegance, and these shoes have, without a doubt, a timeless elegance about them.


Remember to use my code SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID at checkout to receive $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint Shoes! Or click here to be directed to the Sarah Flint site and automatically have $50 off added to your checkout! 

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  1. Lovely sandals and it looks like the brand is all over the comfort! xx
    Maria xx