Wednesday, May 18, 2022

What I've Been Watching

 It seems like after a stretch of not much new on television and streaming services that there is suddenly a surge of new shows and movies that are good and have some substance to them. On a similar note, is anyone else ridiculously excited about the new Downton Abbey movie and season 4 of Stranger Things being released at the end of this month?! Lately I have been trying to fill my mind with positive things in general; let’s face facts, there’s only so much negative news and such that one person can take in. I have been so excited to discover a few new shows and movies and rediscover a few old ones! So, I thought it might be fun to share what I have been watching!  

One// The First Lady

Absolutely Love historical anything, so obviously historical tv shows are definitely up my alley. I will admit, I wasn’t too eager to watch ‘The First Lady’, because I am sooooooo tired of politics and hearing about politics {it’s an important topic though and it’s good to be informed, but still…}. I was hooked within the first five seconds of the first episode. ‘The First Lady’ follows the journey of Michelle Obama, Betty Ford {really wish I could be bffs with her!}, and Eleanor Roosevelt on their journey to becoming First Lady and actually assuming the position. If you didn’t love these women before you watched this series, you will love them after! Highly recommend!


Two// Julia

Fair warning: if accents irritate you, then this is not a tv series for you, however, if you don’t mind or love an accent, then I highly recommend this new HBOMax series! I absolutely loved this series and have my fingers crossed for a season two. The series tells the story of how Julia Child first started out with her tv cooking series and follows her journey through the first season she hosted ‘The French Chef’. I’m feel safe in saying that she was probably the Martha Stewart of her time {minus everything being perfect 100% of the time}. If you are a fellow Julia Child fan, I cannot recommend this show enough


Three// Senior Year

I think this is a movie that we all needed right about now. The news has been so heavy lately and for the past two years it seems like there has constantly been something negative going on, on a world-wide level. I think it’s safe to say that we all need a little a humor and light heartedness in our life right about now. Rebel Wilson does such a great job in this movie, and really brings a fun spirit to the screen. 

Four// Bewitched

I am kind of obsessed with the original Bewitched tv series. I watch it every day when I workout and I am so envious of some of Samantha’s clothes. Some of the fashion is seriously timeless. I love older shows and the fact that the story lines are upbeat and entertaining. 



The new season of Girls5eva just came out and can be streamed on Peacock. To be super honest, this is a pretty mindless show you can just get lost in. Plus, Sara Bareilles is the main character, and who doesn’t love Sara Bareilles?!

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