Tuesday, May 10, 2022

My Recent Favorite Purchases

 I have always felt like April and May are such weird months weather wise, at least in Nashville. It’s hot one day, cold the next, and you are never quite sure what to wear and if your outfit is seasonally appropriate. Personally, when it is warm I lean into summer styles, but I never turn down an opportunity to wear a sweater and leggings when it is chilly enough. I always love seeing/reading what people have recently purchased and what products they use most during a month. So, for today I thought I would share a few items that I have recently purchased and love!

Glossier Super Pure

I am a little late to the whole Glossier scene, but now I am such a fan of their products. I love their serums, but Super Pure is my new favorite. It’s lightweight enough to wear at night along with your face cream or during the day with makeup. The difference this serum make in skin quality over the course of 2 or 4 weeks is just amazing! Honestly cannot recommend this product enough!

Sarah Flint Mirjana Sandals

I have been such a fan of Sarah Flint shoes for years and was so excited to recently have the opportunity to work with the brand. Over the years I have purchased 15 pairs of Sarah Flint shoes, and now that I am working with them and learning more about their process I have fallen even more in love with the Sarah Flint company and their products. The Mirjana Sandal in Amalfi Blue Vachetta {incase you are wondering, I also own this pair in Gold Nappa… } and the color and fit are just stunning! Use my code: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID at checkout to receive $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!!!


J. Crew Broken-in Jersey Maxi Dress

In case you can’t tell, I am a slight fan of blue…I will be wearing this dress at least once a week; it is so soft and flowy, and just perfect for a Southern Summer! It does seem to run a little big, so I would definitely suggest sizing down one size!

LuluLemon Wunder Train High-Rise Short

I honestly was not too big on the whole biker style shorts when they first started to trend a few years ago, but now they are my favorite thing to wear when I workout. I recently purchased Misty Glade in the Wunder Train High-Raise Short and the color is just so beautiful and I love how comfortable they are. If you haven’t purchased from Lulu before be sure to go up at least one size!


English Factory Smocked Waist Skirt 

I have worn this skirt so much since it arrived, and I love how versatile it is! It is a wonderful transitional piece. Fits TTS and can be worn with an endless amount of different tops and shoes.


APL TechLoom Phantom Sneakers

I feel like these shoes are almost too pretty to wear for a workout… The different colors, weaves, and styles they are available in are just beautiful. I recently purchased this pair and they look so great with leggings, jeans, or short. I usually wear mine to run leggings, but they would definitely make a wonderful workout shoes as well!

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