Saturday, April 23, 2022

Links I'm Loving

 I feel like April has been such a weird month so far… just everything about it – there has been a weird vibe in the air, the weather has been weird, and the weeks have gone by so fast, but this month has felt so long… I’m starting to feel like April is some type of weird limbo month. On the upside though, the flowers have been beautiful, and I love how green everything is! On another positive note, I have come across some simply fabulous links to share with you all this week!

One// Sarah Flint Mirjana Sandal

Earlie this week Sarah Flint released the Mirjana Sandal in Amalfi Blue Vachetta and Black Vachetta. I love the Sarah Flint Mirjana Sandals and am so excited about the two new colors they added to this style. They are just perfect for summer and are so easy to dress up or down! Use my code: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID at checkout to receive $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!


Two// Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients 

Does anyone else getting sucked into YouTube cooking series? My new obsession is a series where the professional chef and home cook trade ingredients and recipes. Honestly, probably none of the recipes are something you would make at home, but it’s just a fun series to zone out to


Three// J. McLaughlin Genevieve Wood and Cane Clutch

I am 100% so here for the Wicker and Cane clutches and handbags for this summer. This J. McLaughlin Cane Clutch is just so timeless and so perfect. And trend or not, this clutch is a classic for decades to come


Four// Spotify Coastal Grandmother Playlist

I am so here for the grandmillian movement. I just love the movies, style, and music from the 1950s-1970s. There are just so many feel good songs packed into this time period, and this playlist will definitely leave you in an upbeat mood!


Five// Make Ahead Mother’s Day Desserts

I feel like there is always a holiday around the corner, and mother’s day is next up on the list, and Southern Living already has us covered with a few delicious make ahead desserts


Six/ Will & Grace

With everything that has gone on the past couple of years and the news, every now and then I’ll have these rolling waves of heaviness and/or sadness, so I’ve been trying to take in more positive things and upbeat entertainment, and Will & Grace is such a fun escape. Can we please bring back the tv show and movie writers from the 90s and early 2000s? The storylines were just happier 

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