Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Grace Kelly Dress

 I hadn’t heard of ‘The Grace Kelly Dress’, by Brenda Janowitz, till I show the title in my Audible recommendations. I am a huge fan of Grace Kelly; when I was little, I wanted to grow up to be her – I mean, who wouldn’t?! She is timeless, the definition of grace, fashionable at any point in time, and wore one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time. Obviously, I downloaded this book as soon as I saw the recommendation. It is such a fast-paced book with a great story line!

The Grace Kelly Dress’ tells the story of three generations of women and their journey with one dress that was inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and has been handed down from one generation to the next, the story of each bride, and the changes they made to the dress. 


In 1958 Paris, Rose, a seamstress at a fashionable atelier, has been entrusted with designing one bride’s wedding dress, who of course wants a dress very similar to Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. Rose, against her better judgement, becomes friends with the bride and falls in love with her brother who is engaged to someone he has known since childhood. 


Fast forward sixty years later, and Rose’s granddaughter, Rachel {aka Rocky} is getting married in the dress her grandmother wore sixty years ago. The only issue is Rocky does not want to wear the heirloom wedding dress because she feels like it is not really her ‘style’. Rocky finds herself in a difficult situation, worried about disappointing both her mother and Grandmother Rocky finds herself in a difficult situation. 


Just like with anything else that holds any importance there is a history of emotion attached to the piece and a story that belongs to the individual that has had it before it was yours. Like with anything else beauty is found in the imperfects and the hard moments in life make the good ones that much better. 


The Grace Kelly Dress is a truly lovely read!

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