Saturday, December 4, 2021

November Reading List

 I absolutely love this time of year; there always seems to be a little something extra special floating around in the air, and even with the hustle and bustle of everything and the stress the holiday can bring on cheer still seems to seep in through every corner of life. I can hardly believe that the next time I do a book roundup it will be January 2020… This year has seriously passed by in the blink of an eye! I’m definitely planning to take the time to slow down a little this holiday season, soak in moments, and hopefully make the season feel a little longer…. For now, though, here is a list of books I read during the month of November!

To be completely transparent, I had high hopes for this book, but it just wasn’t for me… but someone else might have a completely different opinion. Before I say anything about the storyline, I do feel obligated to will say that this book has multiple references to rape, sexual harassment, incest, infidelity, abuse, sexual assault, and some of these instances do involve children… And honestly, some really great literally usually do contain one or two of these elements, but this book is just overkill… some parts of this book truly just made me feel nauseated. If you are a person who has suffered sexual trauma, this might be a trigger book, so definitely proceed with caution.


In a nutshell this book is about a married mother of three who is going through a middle age crisis and comes from a family that perpetuates sexual abuse. I think this is the first negative book review I have ever written, and I usually do try to stay positive for the most part just because so much of someone’s soul goes into the writing process, but even without the factor of the abuse overkill, I felt like the book fell flat… 


We Met in December, by Rosie Curtis

Not ashamed to say that the Christmas season always seems to make a seasonal reader out of me. 


Last year I read One Day in December, by Josie Silver, and both books are equally good in their own rights, but they seem to mirror each other just slight {which definitely is not a bad thing. So, needless to say that if you enjoyed One Day in December.


On the verge of turning thirty Jess has rolled the dice and taken the chance to start a new career and live out her dream of moving to London. During the month of December, she moves into a house with a few other people, one of which is Alex, the man who shares her floor. The chemistry between the two is undeniable, but Jess is disappointed to discover that he has arrangements with another one of her housemates… Jess struggles to navigate her new friendship with the man of her dreams. 


The Simplicity of Apple Cider, by Amy E. Reichert

I always love how Reichert seems to tie the storyline of all her books to some type of food item. The Simplicity of Apple Cider was a fun read, but The Coincidence of Coconut Cake remains my favorite Amy E. Reichert book.


Sanna Lund is part of a fifth-generation cider-maker who only wants to live a simple and peaceful life on her family’s apple orchard. A Single dad, Isaac, and his son are hired by Sanna’s father to help out over the summer. Sparks start to fly between Sanna and Isaac and a few turns of events lead to expected and unexpected outcomes. 


Fun, lighthearted read; a solid 4/5 read


Winter Storms, by Elin Hilderbrand

Ever since reading Summer of 69 I have completely fallen in love with the writing style of Elin Hilderbrand. Just based off of the books I have read of hers, her storylines are always so well put together and all the characters seem to play a part in making the wheels of the story turn. 


Winter Storms is the third book in the Winter Street series. I read this book in a day and a half – it’s that good! Then I turned right around and purchased the fourth book in the series. Obviously, I very highly recommend this book!


Nick and Noel’s Christmas Playlist, by Codi Hall

Full disclosure, I downloaded this book in Audible because it is included in my subscription and the audio cover is pretty cute. This book was honestly a little cliché and predictable, but still fun to listen to. 


Nick and Noel have been childhood friends since birth and have managed to remain best friends even into adulthood. After serving his country for eight years Nick is finally returning home to stay. Upon arriving home, his long-term girlfriend breaks up with him… leaving him and Noel single at the same time with plenty of history and chemistry to maybe turn a friendship into just a little bit more.

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