Monday, August 2, 2021

Hotel Collection

 I always love discovering new companies or ‘new-to-me’ companies. It is always so interesting to me to see what concepts individuals come up with, their own personal twist, and how they choose to market and package their items. Recently the opportunity to work with Hotel Collection, a luxury home fragrance company, and I completely love the twist they have put on their products. 

Each home fragrance scent is inspired by an iconic hotel, which I think is so fun. It’s like bringing a piece vacation self-care and serenity to the comfort of your own home. Their most recent collection, the Gatsby Collection, is really just a dream; after all, who can resist any collection inspired by an F. Scott’s Fitzgerald classic, complete with a very aesthetically pleasing design!? This collection was designed to transport back in time to the social events and lifestyle of the roaring twenties. The collection also included Hotel’s collection classic fragrances.

I so adore how this company is a full service home fragrance company and the fact that they offer the same fragrances across the board for all of their products: candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, etc. Personally, I love this aspect just becomes it prevents having competing scents and they offer a discover candle set so you can discover your favorite fragrance or find fragrances that compliment each other. ‘Dream On’ {inspired by Westin Hotels} and ‘Black Velvet’ {inspired by Edition Hotels – they both have a fresh soothing scent that is just perfectly balanced in every way. 


Use code: ATOUCHOFSOUTHERNGRACE20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order! Seriously one of my current favorite companies and their candles have a ridiculously long burn time {huge bonus in my book as far as candles go}! If you haven’t checked out the Hotel Collection web site or their products I highly recommend you do! 

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