Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Vogue Beauty

 Confession: I never really wore makeup on a daily basis till after I graduated college.. blame it on going to an all-girls high school, but I never really saw the need to wear makeup to go to a class… However, after it became a necessity, and let’s all just say thank goodness for the invention of YouTube tutorials. Since then I have really gotten into makeup and different beauty routines. I actually find the process of applying makeup relaxing now… it’s kind of like painting on a canvas, but trying to look as classic and natural at the same time. 

I still love watching beauty and makeup YouTube tutorials and routines; it is always so fun to see what other’s do, pick up a few tips, and learn about a few new products. Recently I came across a series Vogue has done featuring different actors and models beauty secrets. I love seeing what products some of my favorite actresses use, hearing what tips and tricks they have picked up over the years, completely geeking out when they use a product I have, and Vogue has even linked all the makeup and products used in the description of each video incase you spot a product you would like to try.  So of course, I had to share a few of my favorite from this series!

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